Alignment Teams

Quality of Life Alignment Team

The Quality of Life LEAD Team is comprised of representatives from across Polk County including non-profits, social services, government, health care, education, and faith-based organizations. Through this diverse membership, different perspectives are gleaned when probing the wide ranging and complex issues contributing to the Quality of Life in Polk County. 

2019-2020 Quality of Life Team Members

Steve Bissonnette – Co-Chair, VISTE

Joy Johnson – Co-Chair, Polk County BoCC

Ben Abbott, Multiply Christian Church

Marcia Andresen, Polk County BoCC

Andrea Anderson, Tri-County Human Services

Brad Beatty, Heart for Winter Haven

Timothy Brown, IMO African American Community Development

Carly Carden, Peace River Center

Bruce Clark, Association for Inwood Community, Inc.

Rod Crowley, United Way of Central Florida

Taylor Freeman, Florida Department of Health in Polk County

Bettie Harrell-Jones, Association for Inwood Community, Inc.

Minnie Hassel, Association for Inwood Community, Inc.

Cathy Hatch, Polk County BoCC

Tim Mitchell, Parker Street Ministries

Alice Nuttall, Lakeland Regional Health

Tricia Pichette, Polk County BoCC

Craig Pickos, FloridiansForRecovery – Polk County

Rob Quam, Lake Wales Care Center

Robert Rihn, Tri-County Human Services

Ben Ruch, Polk County Public Schools

Stephen Savarimuthu, Lake Wales Care Center

Brenda Torres, Central Florida Regional Planning Council

Holly Vida, Central Florida Health Care

Nicole Walker, University of Florida/IFAS

Jeff Ware, BayCare

Steve Warner, Polk County Public Schools

Nat West, Winter Haven PEP

Chris Young, Ph.D., The Way at Inwood

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