Alignment Teams

Government Advisory Alignment Team

The Government Advisory Team’s mission is to bring together all levels of local government to create more awareness, cooperation and support of the long term Vision for Polk County. This includes providing review and guidance on both foreseen and unforeseen opportunities that potentially impact the organization’s objectives and the work of its various LEAD Teams as established by the Polk Vision Board of Directors.

The Government Team also works to effectively engage citizens by producing the Leadership Exchange Series which includes educational offerings such as the Mayors Roundtable, State of the County, Legislative Warm-Up, and other topically relevant workshops.

2019-2020 Government Advisory Team Members

Betsy Cleveland – Co-Chair, Polk County Supervisor of Elections Office

Christine Goding – Co-Chair, Community Volunteer

Margarita Alfaro, Polk County Tax Collector’s Office

Stacy Butterfield, Polk County Clerk of Courts & County Comptroller

Meagin Colson, Polk County Sheriff’s Office

Susan Copeland, Polk Education Foundation

Tracy Mouncey, Tracey Mouncey & Associates

Matt Mucci, AT&T

Donna Sheehan, City of Winter Haven

Lynn Wilson, Polk County School Board

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