Impact Story

Polk County Literacy Resource Directory

Long-Term Outcomes

  • Improve High School Graduation
  • Improve College & Career Readiness

The Polk Vision Literacy Team is leading a community wide effort to develop an annual Literacy Resource Guide for PreK – 12th grade students that will be used by school counselors, administrators, teachers, and others in the Polk County Public School District. The team’s goal is to include as many literacy resources available to students.

The Literacy Directory will provide a “one-stop-shop” of all the literacy resource providers across Polk County serving students PK-12.

In the Fall of 2017, the Polk Vision Literacy Team completed the first edition of the Literacy Resource Directory with both English and Spanish versions.

Each year, we update the Literacy Resource Directory. In 2018, the 2nd edition was expanded and translated into Haitian-Creole. The 3rd edition was published in the fall of 2019. Reflecting the Team’s focus on early preparedness, the 3rd edition included an expanded Kindergarten Readiness section.

With this broad support for literacy in our communities, in addition to the availability of the Literacy Resource Directory, we look to positively impact test scores as well as the overall success of Polk County’s children in school and in life.

Lindsay Persohn, Ph.D., Professor, USF

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