Chad Tagtow: Key Player in Polk Vision

Chad Tagtow knows a good thing when he sees it. 

An active member of the community, Tagtow was familiar with Polk Vision, both through reputation and through association with its leaders. When he completed the Leadership Winter Haven program, he took what he felt was the next best step and entered the Leadership Polk program.

“I saw the potential for good, and so I got involved,” Tagtow remembers.  “And when I saw the actual, realized good that was happening, I got even more involved.”

This deeper involvement in Polk Vision has led him into significant leadership roles. Tagtow currently holds two positions within Polk Vision, serving as the Operating Board Charmain and the Co-Chair of the Smart Communities Team. 

Working with the Smart Communities Team, Tagtow works to “facilitate opportunity, innovation, growth and, efficiency by promoting Smart Community Services that enhance the quality of life and address the digital divide in our communities.” 

“Our committee wants to serve as an expert voice to encourage investment in broadband infrastructure,” he adds, “which will support the accessibility and affordability of high-speed internet, which is essential to improving economic growth and long-term community prosperity in Polk County.”

Tagtow sees the digital divide as one of the key issues impacting Polk County. “For me, it all comes down to improving quality of life, by providing access to broadband and other technology.” 

In his role as Chair of the Operating Board, Tagtow works with the more than 30 members of the Operating Board, made up of co-chairs of different committees within Polk Vision and members-at-large from the community, to ensure Polk Vision is living up to the stated goals. He also looks for “areas of synergy” between teams to see where they can combine their efforts to be even more effective.

“I want to make sure we’re accomplishing what our mission is, that areas of focus are being addressed, that volunteers’ time is being used effectively and purposefully, and make sure that we are effecting positive change.”  

“It’s the people involved that make Polk Vision what it is. The amount of work and good that’s come from the organization, from the short-, mid-, and long-term goals. It allows everyone to be upwardly-mobile and to make Polk County a better place.” 

How does Tagtow sum up Polk Vision? 

“We’re working to make Polk reach its fullest potential.” 

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