Alignment Teams

Community Partnership School Alignment Team

Community Schools are characterized by extended services, extended hours and extended relationships that serve not only the students, their families and the teachers, but the community at large. Key program components include after-school and summer enrichment, parent involvement, adult education, financial education, a full-service health clinic with medical, dental and mental health services.

2019-2020 Community Partnership School Team Members

John Hill – Chair, Polk County Public Schools

Teri Saunders – Vice Chair, Heartland for Children

Patricia Barnes, Polk County Public Schools

Amy Bratten, Ed.D., Southeastern University

Jackie Bryan, Southeastern University

Lisa Ciganek, Southeastern University

Ann Claussen, Central Florida Health Care

Kristan Fowler, Polk County Public Schools

Tracy Grey, Heartland for Children

Andrea Hagan, Heartland for Children

Dr. Michael Ham-Ying, Central Florida Health Care

Kim Long, Polk Vision

Swanyetta Perry, Polk County Public Schools

Billy Townsend, Polk County School Board

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